The ABCs of the 10th Anniversary Play Conference Educational Sessions and Research Symposium

The full detailed schedule is coming soon with even more session titles…but until then, below is an alphabetical list of the Educational Sessions and Research Symposium that have been confirmed for the 10th Anniversary Conference on the Value of Play: The Many Faces of Play.

Check back often because we will update the list as our presenters continue to confirm their sessions.

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Be sure to REGISTER TODAY because the early bird deadline for this PLAYful conference is February 15.

Addressing Child Mental Health Through Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT)
Approaches for Evaluating the Design of Natural Playspaces To Support Children’s Outdoor Play
Blank Slate: Design for Learning, Exploration and Physical Growth
Bringing A Change to The Recess Culture to Support Well-Being
Bringing Play to The World of Education!
The Bugket List: Exploring for Tiny Creatures Provides Gargantuan Benefits
Building Trust, Hope, And Healing Through Play: A Community Pop-Up School
“But, I Have Nothing to Do in The Park!” – Thinking About Places for Teens
Camping, Hiking, Playing: Lifelong Learning Today
Children Learning the Value of Play for Life
College Students Play Too!: Inclusive Campus Recreation at Clemson University
Creating Future Innovators Through Creative Play and STEM Learning
Developing Minds and Bodies Through Loose Parts Play
Educational Play: How Modern Technology Can Facilitate Learning While Playing Outdoors.
The Effects of Unstructured Play on Listening Effort in Elementary Schools
Elevating Lifelong Play to Create Healthy Communities
Engaging Students in Mathematics Play: Making Fractions Fun
Establishing Adaptive Sports Programs for Youth with Moderate to Severe Disabilities
Examining Kindergarten Readiness Skills Using A Play-Based, Nature-Focused Preschool Curriculum
A Field-Testing Study on Outdoor Play Environments: Findings and Lessons Learned
Forest Schools: The Value of Play, Autonomy, And Creativity
Free for All Baltimore: Playing After School in A Segregated City
From Exhausting to Energizing:  Creating an Environment Where Youth Thrive
From Unequal Playing Field to Play Ambassadors
Get Ready, Get Set, Go Noodle!
Globally Connecting as We Play Mystery Skype
Guerrilla Playfare: Lessons Learned from Parkour & Streetsport For Designing More Play-Friendly Cities
How to Make Your Community Playful
I’m Tired of Saying “No”: Creating Invitations for Boisterous and Adventurous Play in The Classroom
Impact of Decline in Play on Children and Youth in India: An Awareness Campaign
The Impact of Play on Overweight/Obese Children in Elementary Schools
Incorporate Play into Your Workplace
International Play Ambassador Perspectives
Introducing Innovative Technology to Children’s Play to Encourage Self-Expression
Kindergarten Matters
Learning Through Doing: The Benefits to Learning Through Planning for Inclusive Play
Let’s Make A Mess!: The Intersectionality of Sensory Play and Early Literacy
Lifetime Friendships Formed Through Play
Loose Parts Play Builds Tight Communities
Making Play Equitable & Inclusive
Move. Think. Learn: A Playful Approach to Learning in Grades K-8
Moving ~ From Start to Finish! Healing Effects of Play on Families & Caregivers Affected by Trauma
Music in The Museum: An Accessible, Inclusive, And Interactive Collaboration
Naturalized Outdoor Learning Environments in Childcare Facilities: A Review of Policies In 3 States
Nourishing Imagination and Protecting Pretend Play
Perceptions of Capacities: The Value of Play, Autonomy, And Creativity in Forest Schools
Play Across Generations: A Literature Review of Intergenerational Learning Experiences
Play by The River – Bringing Natural, All-Ages Play to A New River Garden by The Mississippi
Play Facilitation for Adults
Play Is Survival: Time for Time Outs
Play Your Way to Optimal Well-Being
Play: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore!
Playable Infrastructure
Playful Productivity: Strategies to Unleash Your Professional Child
Playing from Scratch – Not Just for Kids
Playing to Learn Is for Grown-Ups, Too!  A Summer Graduate Course on Play at A PDS Summer Camp.
Playing with I Bambini: Reflections from A Study Abroad Experience in Reggio Emilia, Italy
Playtime Politics: The Growing Mismatch Between Biology and Culture
Ramshackle Play – Resilient, Reliable, Ready
Reframing the Playground: European Play Precedents at Tulsa’s Gathering Place
The Role of a Playground Consultant
Rotary Playgarden: An Inclusive Play Success Story
Scholarly Snapshots: The Importance of The Child’s Right to Play
The Secret to Work/Life Balance=PLAY
Sensory Inclusive Play: Partnering with Kultcurecity To Become Sensory Inclusive Certified
The 7 Elements of Play on  Playground
Small Scientists Society: Encouraging Play-Based STEM Explorations in Informal and Formal Settings
Socio-Environmental Barriers to Outdoor Play and Their Impact on Child Health Outcomes
Supported PLAY to Maximize FLOW In K-8 Classrooms
Tailoring Play into The Everyday: Playing Throughout Zoos, Museums, Aquariums and Nature Centers
Taking the Idea of An Inclusive Playground Past the Label to True Universal Design
Talk and Play: Using Play to Build Language Skills in Young Children
Teaching Play as A Learning Medium in Teacher Education Program
Temple University Students Design an Eco-Schoolyard for Play and Learning at Greenberg Elementary
The Emergence of Foreign Language in A Play-Based Kindergarten: A Spanish FLES Program
Tin Foil, Tape, And Play-Doh OH MY!
Traffic Gardens and Dramatic/Challenging Play: Engagement as A Means of Facilitating Risk Competence
What’s Wrong with Playing Games?
When I Grow Up…Learning Responsible Citizenship Through Play!
When to Play and When to Get Out of The Way
Why Play Matters: The State of Recess in North America
Y’all, Yous, and You Guys: Considering the Language of Play


…and MANY, MANY MORE!!  You don’t want to miss this exciting professional development opportunity!  Join us at the 10th Anniversary Conference on the Value of Play: The Many Faces of Play, March 31 – April  3 at Clemson University.