The ABCs of Play Conference 2016 Educational Sessions

The full detailed schedule is coming soon…but until then, below is an alphabetical list of the Educational Sessions that have been accepted for The Play Conference: Rebooting Play.


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Be sure to REGISTER TODAY because the early bird deadline for this PLAYful conference is Monday, February 15.


Adventures in Risk: Comparing injury rates of one population on two different school playgrounds

Advocacy & Awareness:  An overview of a 20 year project promoting SAFE, inclusive, and high quality outdoor play areas for children

All Grown Up! Emerging Trends with Play Past Childhood: Parkour, Parks, and Programming

An Action Grant Update – Providing Appropriate Play Experiences for Children with Autism

Art of Active Play: A Philadelphia Experiment in Promoting Health through Play

Bernheim’s Children at Play Initiative: A Community Approach to Change

Bestowing the Value of Play through Literacy, Science, and the Arts

Building a Community of PLAY: A Collaborative Educational Public Project

Child’s Play: Creating nature based outdoor play space in family child care settings

Come play with me!  Mutual benefits of intergenerational play between young adults and older adults

Connecting Children and Nature Through Art-based Environmental Education Programming

Designing Fitness-Focused Playgrounds: a stealth-health community wellness solution

Evolution Not Revolution: Working within the educational establishment to contribute to the play revolution

Family Homelessness and the Contextual Nature of Play

Forensic Playwork – the art of reading the signs of play

From Fascination to Torture: Children’s interactions with bugs during play.

From past to present: The value of play across the lifespan

Right To Play’s Play at the Core Program: Learning through the Power of Play

Healthy Way to Grow: Increasing Physical Activity in Early Care & Education Programs

Letting Inmates Run The Prison – Lessons from giving democratic free play to an inner city school

Making the Case for Play Policy and Practice: Evidence-Based Indicators

Mapping Playspaces in Springfield, Missouri

Nature-Based Child Centered Play Therapy

NaturePlay in your Parks and Community Centers

New Games:  The Foundation of Cooperative  & Non-Competitive Play & Games

The Genius of Play: Making Play a Priority for Today’s Busy Families

Physical Literacy is the Gateway to Play

Play as a key element in teaching and learning about the natural world

Play Everywhere: Making Play the Easy Choice

Play For All II: A Journey of Community Connection and Program Evaluation

Play Initiative: Before, During, and After School with Family and Educational Leaders

Play is Power: Play-Based Preschool in a Climate of Educational Emergency

Play is the Proper Prescription for Innovation

Play Strong: a medically-based physical activity program

Playing in School: The Principals’ Perspective

Playing in the park! A coalition workgroup’s efforts to increase youth play opportunities throughout Greenville County, South Carolina

Playing Is Learning: How Inclusive Playgrounds Support Language Development

Playing With Your Food: How an urban food desert is recovering from a natural disaster through healthy life-style choices and play

Playworking the Children’s Museum: Beyond Play-Based Learning

Playworks Pro

Promoting Physical Activity through Multigenerational Play

Reboot Summer Camp Healthy Habits

Recess Revolution – Rethink the Way You Play!

Pilot Study of an Outdoor Play Prescription Program for Children

Rethinking Play on Elementary School Grounds

Rethinking the Play (Recess) Privilege: Good Kid vs Bad Kid

Roots and Wings: Exploring intergenerational play

The Evolution of American Playgrounds From 1900 to 2020 and Beyond


Teachers perceptions of LiiNK project benefits for K-2 children

The (Seemingly) Unprepared Environment: A Montessori School’s Journey to Revolutionize Play

The BcubeTM Experience: Accelerating organizational performance

The Hands-on-Nature Anarchy Zone and other stories of the US Adventure Play Renaissance

The Importance of Good Design: A Comparison of Play in London versus New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles

The Kinesthetic Classroom: Why, How and When?

The LiiNK Project: The effects of play and character development on classroom behaviors and attentional fatigue in public school grades K & 1

The Need for Play in Psychological Rehabilitation

The Nexus of Policy and Play: A Reboot for the Future

The Play Cycle – the invisible thread that weaves through playing

The Power of Neighborhood Play

The power of play in developing emotional intelligence for leadership success

The relationship of added recesses, physical activity levels, and positive emotional states in K-2 aged children

Tinkering: Constructivist play across the life span

Understanding Preschool Teachers’ Beliefs about Outdoor Play and Naturalized Playgrounds and Practices for Young Children

Use Your Inside Voice and Your Outside Mind II: Playful Instruction and Classroom Management

Using an Outdoor Classroom to extend learning through play!

Using Books To Encourage Play: A Bibliographic Adventure

Using Play to Promote Physical Activity

We want you…to attend the US Play Coalition Mid-Western Play Conference

What’s wrong with a little PLAY in the work place?

Where Design Comes into Play: Improving access to play through innovation

Young Children & Playing With History