Advancing Evidence-Based Environments through Scholarship

PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE) is the only research-focused organization invested with more than 30 scholars and universities, publishing third party, valid, evidence-based resources to help build research-based environments that result in meaningful outcomes.

GameTime utilizes the scholarly findings of PlayCore’s work in a number of meaningful ways, in the design of their products, and the overall creation of environments themselves. The power of this scholarly advisement cannot be regarded lightly, as this knowledge becomes the foundation of the finished environment; therefore a customer need not have advanced degrees in any area of specialization to benefit from an environment built on scholarship.

PlayCore’s latest scholar spotlight falls on Dr. Stuart Brown. As a foremost authority on play, Dr. Brown is contributing to a monthly blog on, and will be featured at the 2018 Play Conference highlighting the partnership and his scholarly insight on the many faces of play.


PlayCore and GameTime Take Research to a New Level with Recognition Program for Communities

PlayCore’s Center for Professional Development is uniquely committed to sound research and best practices to advance play and recreation through programs, publications, continuing education, and advocacy. Their unparalleled network of esteemed scholars provides them with the validated research to compose best practice resources and help inform the design of products created by their brands, like GameTime. With their National Demonstration Site program, PlayCore recognizes communities for designing spaces using best practices outlined in the research.

The National Demonstration Site program was created to recognize thoughtfully planned outdoor environments that ensure people can be physically and socially active through play and recreation. Communities are recognized in a number of ways, including an online map,  and the positive attention gained can attract additional partners, funding, and serve as a model environment for others to replicate and share.   With a total of five National Demonstration Site programs for inclusive play, nature play, playful pathways, youth fitness, and adult fitness, PlayCore and GameTime are helping communities get the recognition and exposure they so richly deserve.

GameTime’s inclusive parks at Hugh Mac Rae Park in Wilmington, NC and Havens Gardens Park in Washington, NC are two of many parks being recognized as a National Demonstration Sites for following research-based best practice principles in inclusive design.

Research also informs many product designs, like the Expression Swing, the only swing where parent and child can swing together in complete attunement.

PlayCore and GameTime Innovations Promote Healthy Family Togetherness Outdoors


DCIM100GOPROG0280239.PlayCore and GameTime continue to reboot play with scholarly research and product innovation that promotes healthy family togetherness outdoors. There’s never been a timelier message; nor a wider selection of new ways to get people engaged.

GameTime’s Expression Swing is the only swing that allows adults and preschool aged children to experience attunement, an important developmental bonding experience. The patented face-to-face design features a bucket seat for children and a comfortable adult seat so users can interact and experience one another’s facial expressions while swinging.

The Challenge Course also addresses the fastest-growing segment of ChallengeCourseFamily (1)[1]outdoor recreation: obstacle racing. Designed to engage children and families–together–it’s a perfect way to encourage multi-generational fitness and recreation! See it in action here.

PlayCore’s ongoing research with top scholars continues to set the standard and help inform product development and grassroots advocacy. Coupled with their National Demonstration Site program, promoting best practice in nature, inclusive, and active play and fitness design, the company is truly building communities through play! Log on to GameTime and PlayCore’s websites, or contact to learn more.