The Genius of Play Becomes “Play Collaborator” with the US Play Coalition

The Genius of Play, the Toy Industry Association’s (TIA) research-backed initiative to bring more play into kids’ lives, has engaged in a new partnership to become a play collaborator with the US Play Coalition.

The Genius of Play will be a highly visible partner and participate in a featured educational session during the 2017 Conference on the Value of Play: Where Design Meets Play, as it continues to spread its message about the important developmental benefits of play.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with the US Play Coalition on their biggest event, the annual conference on the value of play!” said Anna Yudina, TIA’s director of marketing initiatives. “By becoming a play collaborator with the coalition, The Genius of Play will be able to reach hundreds of play professionals and advocates to help amplify our message of raising happier and healthier kids through the power of play. What’s more, our missions are perfectly aligned, which means there will be many opportunities to collaborate on various initiatives in the future.”

Stephanie Garst, executive director of the US Play Coalition, said: “We are excited to break new ground with our play collaboration with The Genius of Play. You can’t think of children and toys without thinking of play…it just makes sense! We are big fans of the work The Genius of Play is doing on social media to educate people on the meaning and the value of play. It is this work that truly brought us together.”

The US Play Coalition’s annual Conference on the Value of Play brings together leading play researchers, park and recreation professionals, educators, health scientists, landscape architects, designers, planners, business and community leaders, psychologists, physicians and parents from across the country. The three-day event includes keynote and featured speakers, play institutes, PLAYtalks, research symposium, educational sessions, roundtables, grant opportunities, networking, and opportunities for play.