Children’s Early Play Experiences a “Developmental Necessity” for Successful Adults

To build better playgrounds and to encourage more of them, we wanted to understand how play leads to the development of successful adults. That’s why we commissioned a meta-study in partnership with the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development to advance the conversation.

Drawing from a wide body of social scientific analyses, we found the studies overwhelmingly reinforce the value—and seemingly, the developmental necessity—of children’s early play experiences. Most studies draw strong associations between free, unstructured play and positive outcomes. Several studies also point to restrictive work and school schedules, organized after-school activities, safety concerns and the rise of passive entertainment options for the growing infringement on children’s play opportunities.

For children around the world, playgrounds and play are an important and positive part of childhood development. Request a copy of the full research whitepaper at

Landscape Structures – For a Better Tomorrow We Play Today

We recently launched a campaign that we hope will start a new dialogue in the playground industry. It asks all of us to consider why we invest in our children, playgrounds and in play. With the greater impact of play on children and our communities in mind, we created a video that puts a spotlight on what we at Landscape Structures all instinctively know but don’t always put into words: For a better tomorrow, we play today.

Play is, of course, valuable because it encourages physical fitness and fun. However, we believe the playground instills deeper values in children like leadership, perseverance and cooperation. It’s these values that ultimately shape the adults they become and the reason why we are so dedicated to bringing play to all children. Watch our video and learn more about the campaign at If you feel a connection to the message, share it with your online followers and tell everyone how you’ve been #shapedbyplay.

Twenty Times the Play Value


Two years ago, Landscape Structures, Inc. first introduced the Smart Play® design concept and it was a hit. The whimsical and modern designs of Smart Play: Motion 2-5 and Smart Play: Cube 2-5 have caught the attention of communities across the globe. Plus, playground planners have loved the smart design and efficient use of materials in the playstructures. And now we’ve expanded the line to include a design especially for 5- to 12-year-olds.

SquareLoopClimberVentiSmart Play: Venti™, which means “twenty” in Italian, packs 20 exciting activities into its compact size. Nets, slides, belts and climbers provide challenges that promote physical development and strategic thinking, while also creating hangouts where kids can take a break and connect with others. With multiple entry points and plenty of activities, this ADA-compliant playstructure can accommodate a whole class at once.



Learn more about Smart Play: Venti and see it in action by visiting