• Ten plastic bottles of the same size. (Bottles need to have lids.)
  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape

To Make:

BALL: Wad the newspaper into a sphere and wrap with tape.

PINS: Fill each bottle with about 1-inch of water, sand, pebbles, or dirt.

To Play:

Select an area that is safe to roll a ball and to retrieve pins.  Set up the pins in a triangular fashion: 4 pins in the back row, 3 in the row in front of that, 2 in the next row up, and then 1 in the front.  Take several steps back and try to knock down all the pins by rolling the ball.

To change things up a bit ….

  • Use balls of different sizes and weights
  • Use plastic bottles of different sizes.
  • Place number values on each pin, from 1 to 10. Start by arranging the pins in consecutive order with the front pin being 1 point and the pins in the last row getting 7, 8, 9, and10 points. Calculate your score by adding the numbers on the pins that have been knocked down.
  • For the next game, rearrange the pins so the numbers are not in consecutive order.