January 29 #WePlayChat: Play To Heal Community Trauma

Join us Monday, January 29 at 9:00am EST as we welcome co-moderator Nathan LeJune from New Orleans to our #WePlayChat to discuss, “Play To Heal Community Trauma.”

After serving in various youth-development roles for over 10 years, Nathan ‘Nate’ LeJeune moved to New Orleans from South West Louisiana to be a part of the ever-changing community landscape. He has served as a Program Director for a local community-based youth development program (Excite All-Stars) and Program Manager for the Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps program. Nathan has now transitioned to training coaches and programs across the country in sports-based youth development strategies and practices. When Nathan isn’t studying the latest trauma-sensitive research, he enjoys spending time with his family, attending sporting events, and playing as many sports as his wife and body will allow. Join us in welcoming Nathan to our monthly #WePlayChat learning opportunities.

Here are the questions Nathan will be covering during #WePlayChat dialogue:

1. How can coaches and facilitators of play aid in healing a community affected by trauma?

2. We know that opportunities for free play develop strong social-emotional skills for kids. How can we incorporate safe opportunities for free play in sports settings?
3. When we play we create connections and build competency, the ability to learn new skills. How can these outcomes benefit our individual and communal sense of safety and contribute to healing?
4. What are other aspects of play and sport that can be therapeutic for kids, and help them feel safe and supported when playing?

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