#WePlayChat: “The Role of the Adult for Children’s Play” Featuring Play Ambassador Matt Leung

Join us Friday, July 28th at 3:00pm EST as we welcome Matt Leung to our #WePlayChat on “The Role of the Adult for Children’s Play.”

Matt Leung has spent over 10 years working with children and youth in the recreation sector. Matt is a Master Trainer with DANCEPL3Y, and the original Play Ambassador at Vivo for Healthier Generations, a local recreation centre in Calgary. Matt has facilitated play-FULL trainings and workshops across Canada and leading up to the 2017 International Play Association conference being held in Calgary, he sits on the steering committee for YYCPlays, a committee of professionals invested in building Calgary’s capacity for play.

Here are the chat questions that will guide our dialogue:

1. What is the role of an adult in children’s play?

2. How can adults best support the child’s right to play?

3. Where do adults have the most influence on a child’s play?

4. What are some great examples you’ve seen of positive adult impact on play?

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