Lily’s Game

This version of a ball-n-cup game was created by nine-year-old Lily, who was an attendee at a summer play table.

Supplies: single serving plastic yogurt cup (exclude Yoplait), 2 pieces of string (6-8 inches long), 2 pieces of aluminum foil (6”x6”), hole punch

To Make: Punch a hole just below the lip/rim of a clean yogurt cup. Directly across, punch a second hole. Take one piece of string, thread it through one hole and tie a knot to secure one end on the cup.  Do the same with the other piece of string and other hole.  Put the non-tied end of the string in the middle of one piece of foil; wad/crunch the foil into a ball with the string inside.  Do the same with the other string.

To Play: Hold the cup in one hand and try to flip both foil balls into the cup.