March 19 #WePlayChat on Twitter: “Play in Nature and Passive Recreation Areas”

Join us Monday, March 19 at 9:00am EST as we welcome Brian VanDongen to our #WePlayChat as we discuss, “Play in Nature and Passive Recreation Areas.

Brian VanDongen, CPRP, is a nationally certified recreation and parks professional who has implemented transformational recreation programming for people of all ages and abilities. Beginning with working at recreation programs in high school, to supervising intramural programs in college, through to creating, improving, and managing entire recreational programs, camps, and sports leagues, Brian has a passion for physical activity, parks and recreation, and play.  He understands the importance of and works to provide access to safe and welcoming parks and the assess the needs of communities to engage children and adults in popular, wanted, and needed recreational programming. As a US Play Coalition Play Ambassador, he promotes the value of play throughout life and plays and important role in sharing knowledge and ideas to recreation professionals, educators, parents, and students.  He believes that the power of play can have a huge impact on everyone’s life. Brian is currently the Assistant Director of Recreation for Readington Township, a suburban community in central New Jersey.

Here are the chat questions that will guide our conversation:

1. What is a “passive recreation area?”
2. What are the benefits of playing in nature & passive recreation areas?
3. How can we encourage more play in these areas?
4. Where and how do you play in nature? 
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