May 29 #WePlayChat on Twitter:
“The Play Effect in Education”

Join us Tuesday, May 29 at 8:00pm EST as we welcome Jed Dearybury to our #WePlayChat to discuss, “The Play Effect in Education.

Jed Dearybury is 16 year veteran of education in the early childhood classroom in South Carolina, and currently Director of Professional Development & Communications for the Palmetto State Teachers Association (PSTA). During his classroom tenure, Jed received numerous awards. He was featured in GQ Magazine as Male Leader of the Year, met President Obama as the SC winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, and was named as a top 5 finalist for South Carolina Teacher of the Year because of his passion, love, and success in education. He eagerly seeks to promote public education in South Carolina and beyond. His goal: Equip, Encourage, Empower the teaching profession using creativity, laughter, and sparkle.

Here are the chat questions that will guide our conversation:

1. What are the most common myths you have learned about play in education? 
2. Can you share specific examples of  how you use play in your classroom and its effect on learning?
3. How can you learn about what types of play your students and children are interested in?
4. What is “your face of play” and how does it affect your daily life and your area of work?


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