January 2020 #WePlayChat – A New Decade of Play

Join us on Tuesday, January 28 at 4:00pm EST as we welcome co-moderator Ryan Fahey from Ottawa, Canada to discuss the topic, “A New Decade of Play”.

Starting this month, #WePlayChat will have a new look at feel. We are changing the flow of these professional learning opportunities. Moving forward, we will cover the who, what, how and why during each chat. We look forward to the enriching dialogue this will create in 2020.

About The Moderator

Ryan Fahey is a dedicated husband, two-time author, international speaker, teacher, and consultant in the fields of wellness education, leadership and business development. Ryan serves as the Lead for Special Projects and Campaigns at Physical and Health Education Canada as well as Play Ambassador Coordinator for the US Play Coalition. During his free time, you can find Ryan on the trails, reading a good book or drinking great coffee with his wife Amber. Ryan and his wife both reside in beautiful Ottawa, ON and continues to be a strong advocate for play in the north.

Here are the questions Ryan will be covering during the #WePlayChat dialogue:

Q1. Who will lead innovative play initiatives in this new decade?
Q2. What do you think the next ten years of play will look like?
Q3. How will new play programs, initiatives and campaigns look in this new decade?
Q4. Why will it be more important than ever for people to play in this next decade?

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