October #WePlayChat: “Play and Millennials”

Join us Thursday, October 26 at 12:00pm EST/ 11:00am CST as we welcome co-moderator Dr. Heather Von Bank from Minnesota State University-Mankato to our #WePlayChat on “Play and Millennials.

Dr. Heather Von Bank is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Consumer Science at Minnesota State University-Mankato.  Her area of expertise is Child Development and Family Studies. Dr. Von Bank received her PhD. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Educational. She is currently the FCS Department Chairperson and also teaches Parenting Education, Lifespan Development, and The Role of Play in Child Development. In 2013 Dr. Von Bank, co-authored her first book, “The Power of Playful Learning: The Green Edition.” Feel free to connect with Heather on twitter prior to the chat @HeatherVonBank.

Here are the chat questions that will guide our dialogue:
  • What do we know about the millennial young adults today and their play history?
  • How does this play history differ across other generations?
  • How have education testing policies of the last 10-15 years affected young adult’s ideas about the value of play?
  • How do millennials’ play experiences affect their parenting practices? Lifestyle choices?

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