Oh No! There’s a Hole!

PFS pic 10-10

Players take turns snipping a net with the hopes that their snip is not the one that lets the ‘fish’ get away.


  • Large container (metal or plastic) with at least a 5” opening
    • Note: If you are using a metal container make sure there are NO sharp edged
  • Netting from a produce bag
  • Bottle caps, jingle bells, caps off squeeze applesauce pouches, etc.
  • Rubber band
  • Scissors

To Make:

  • Stretch the netting over the can. Secure in place with rubber band.
  • Place ‘fish’ – the small objects – on top of the netting

To Play:

  • Players take turns snipping the net.
  • Game ends when all the items have fallen into the can.