Advancing Evidence-Based Environments through Scholarship

PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE) is the only research-focused organization invested with more than 30 scholars and universities, publishing third party, valid, evidence-based resources to help build research-based environments that result in meaningful outcomes.

GameTime utilizes the scholarly findings of PlayCore’s work in a number of meaningful ways, in the design of their products, and the overall creation of environments themselves. The power of this scholarly advisement cannot be regarded lightly, as this knowledge becomes the foundation of the finished environment; therefore a customer need not have advanced degrees in any area of specialization to benefit from an environment built on scholarship.

PlayCore’s latest scholar spotlight falls on Dr. Stuart Brown. As a foremost authority on play, Dr. Brown is contributing to a monthly blog on, and will be featured at the 2018 Play Conference highlighting the partnership and his scholarly insight on the many faces of play.