Plastic Jug Jai Alai

2 plastic half-gallon jugs that have handles
Masking tape
Newspaper (optional)
Tennis ball (or make a tape ball)

To Make:
– Remove the bottom of the plastic jug.
– On the jug’s edge that has the handle and at least one inch below the handle, draw a curve that will angle down towards the bottom of the jug. Do the same on the other side.  NOTE: If you cut the jug so that the handle is in back (where the edge is higher), it will be easier to throw overhand. If the handle is in front (under the lower edge), you’ll have a scooper that will make it easier to throw underhand. (Trash to Treasures, Chicago Tribune, April 17, 2007)
– When you are happy with the shape of the scoop, cut.
– Wrap several layers of tape around the spout to secure the lid.
– Repeat with the second plastic jug.
– Make your own Tape Ball by wadding newspaper into a ball. Wrap with masking tape.

To Play:
Using only the scoop, toss and catch the ball between players.
For added fun, form teams and play versions of baseball, football, lacrosse, or hockey using the scoops.