PlayGrounding Podcast a New Resource for Play Fans Everywhere

The US Play Coalition is pleased to announce our new resource for play fans everywhere – PlayGrounding Podcast.

PlayGrounding is about the power of play and what it means to live a play-inspired life. Not just the “blow off some steam” kind of play, but the kind that can sharpen your mind, make you more creative and help you move from discontentment toward fulfillment.

Host Kara Stewart Fortier launched the podcast on a quest to learn about the many facets of play.  While on her quest, she discovered the US Play Coalition in late 2016.  Fortier reached out to learn more, interviewing Play Ambassador Coordinator Ryan Fahey in January…and the relationship took off.   She attended the 2017 Conference on the Value of Play and was inspired.  Since the conference, many of her podcast guests have been Play Conference speakers and play ambassadors.

“Kara and The PlayGrounding Podcast provide a new take on the world of play – approaching it as an adult looking to reclaim and re-explore what she had in her youth.  Adding the podcast to the Play Coalition portfolio of resources helps us to further our mission to promote play throughout life. Kara’s is a unique voice for play,” says Stephanie Garst, executive director for the US Play Coalition.

“I found my people!” says Fortier of the US Play Coalition.  “I’m so grateful to the US Play Coalition for teaching me so much about the value of play. I’m excited to see where this partnership adventure leads!”

So check out our latest play resource, PlayGrounding Podcast.  As her site says, “after hearing what many of the PlayGrounding Podcast guests have to say, you’ll start to realize that play is as important to our physical and mental health as sleep, exercise and good nutrition.”