Playing From Scratch – ‘Ulu Maika

Source: ©2015. Joyce Hemphill, Laura Scheinholtz, and Heather Von Bank and adapted from The Power of Playful Learning.

‘Ulu maika is a game that was played by early Hawaiians. The aim of the game is to roll a disc between two narrowly placed goals a distance away. A 500 foot ‘ulu maika playing field can be found on the island of Moloka’i.

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2 plastic bottles filled with water.
Empty tape roll, empty ribbon spool

Before play begins, each player is given a spool to decorate with markers. A player can make up a design or research historical cultural ones.

Agree on a predetermined distance from goals; measure.

To Play:
Place the two bottles apart; approximately 4-6 inches wider than the width of the disc being rolled. From a designated distance, roll the disc so that it goes through the opening between the bottles. The first person to get five through wins. Note: The rolling distance can increase as the skill level increases. Also the space between the bottles can vary depending on skill level; starting wider with a novice and narrowing as the aim improves.