September 26th #WePlayChat: “How To Simplify the Messages of Play”

Farrah Zweig (left) serves as the co-founder/Director of programming at Student Fitness Experts and has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist for over 15 years.  She is also the physical education coach at a Los Angeles based private school. A graduate of San Diego State, she holds her bachelor’s in Kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness, nutrition, and health. Spending her initial years improving the health and fitness of adults and pre/post natal women, she turned her attention to youth fitness 10 years ago, after discovering a gap in opportunities for children to learn functional and applied movement skills. Her research interests focus on pediatric exercise science, movement and brain development, as well as physical literacy, play, and the social/emotional/behavioral connections with physical activity. Combining her education, experience, and joy of learning, Farrah has created a pathway to creating ideal learning environments for students that subsequently relate to benefits beyond the playing field. Please join us in welcoming Farrah to our chat!
Here are the questions Farrah will be covering during the #WePlayChat dialogue:
Q1. How are we delivering the messages around play and what is most effective?
Q2 . Which populations are being underserved when it comes to reaching every person with a message of play?
Q3. How do we take effective messaging and tweak, add, and improve it to reach more people, more often?
Q4. What are a few quick and easy ideas we can share with families and centers to help make their communities more active and playful?

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