The front covers of used greeting cards are perfect for games and activities.


Place a stack of card fronts face down on the table. Each player selects three cards and creates a short story that incorporates elements from his/her cards.  Players go around the table sharing their story.  Or play cooperatively whereby the first player turns over a card and starts a story based on the images from that card. The second player then flips over the next card and must continue the same story, but now incorporating elements from the new card. Play continues until cards run out or the story reaches a natural end.

Place a stack of card fronts face down on the table.  Each player selects three cards, carefully studies the designs, and identifies the ways in which his/her cards are alike. Once everyone has taken a turn, collect all the cards, shuffle, and begin again.  Or start by selecting two cards and placing them face up on the table.  Go around the circle and each person identifies how the two cards are similar.  If a person cannot point out a similarity s/he is out.  Once everyone has spoken, select another card and place it face up next to the first two.  Again, go around the circle and have each person identify how the cards are alike.  Keep adding cards and finding similarities among all the face up cards until there is only one person remaining.

Oh No! There’s a Hole!

PFS pic 10-10

Players take turns snipping a net with the hopes that their snip is not the one that lets the ‘fish’ get away.


  • Large container (metal or plastic) with at least a 5” opening
    • Note: If you are using a metal container make sure there are NO sharp edged
  • Netting from a produce bag
  • Bottle caps, jingle bells, caps off squeeze applesauce pouches, etc.
  • Rubber band
  • Scissors

To Make:

  • Stretch the netting over the can. Secure in place with rubber band.
  • Place ‘fish’ – the small objects – on top of the netting

To Play:

  • Players take turns snipping the net.
  • Game ends when all the items have fallen into the can.




  • Ten plastic bottles of the same size. (Bottles need to have lids.)
  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape

To Make:

BALL: Wad the newspaper into a sphere and wrap with tape.

PINS: Fill each bottle with about 1-inch of water, sand, pebbles, or dirt.

To Play:

Select an area that is safe to roll a ball and to retrieve pins.  Set up the pins in a triangular fashion: 4 pins in the back row, 3 in the row in front of that, 2 in the next row up, and then 1 in the front.  Take several steps back and try to knock down all the pins by rolling the ball.

To change things up a bit ….

  • Use balls of different sizes and weights
  • Use plastic bottles of different sizes.
  • Place number values on each pin, from 1 to 10. Start by arranging the pins in consecutive order with the front pin being 1 point and the pins in the last row getting 7, 8, 9, and10 points. Calculate your score by adding the numbers on the pins that have been knocked down.
  • For the next game, rearrange the pins so the numbers are not in consecutive order.