2018 Pre-Conference Institute –
Utilizing Play: Creating the Balance between Teaching and Learning

Kimberly P. Johnson, Ed. D., Author, Curriculum Design Specialist

Sunday, April 8, 11:00am-2:30pm (including half-hour break)
The Conference Center and Inn at Clemson University
Pre-registration required. ($25/conference attendee, $50/non-conference attendee)

Sometimes, we feel that the only way to gauge success is through what statistics and benchmarks determine. However, the reality is that it takes a great deal of balance between research and the actual steps needed to teach and maintain success in the setting. True teaching requires an understanding of the intersections of play, teaching and learning. This institute will help participants utilize play to develop a balance between teaching and learning in such a way that it will inspire one to create positive interactions within schools, after-school programs and communities.

Implementing play into the daily activities and interactions of learning allows one to take the depth of education to a holistic level. This level of learning requires more than charts, graphs and assessments to engage our 21st Century learners. It requires facilitators who are not afraid to step out of the box and try new styles of teaching. Moreover, they are not afraid to challenge others to try new ways of learning. Through deeper understanding of learning styles and positive development, this engaging presentation will encourage educators to love to play and learn.

The presentation will focus on some of the following:
• Providing engaging activities that can be used immediately to promote play and learning
• Using both data and real-life experiences as catalysts to help build interaction through play
• How communication between facilitator and participant can help leverage the learning process
• The benefits of cultural awareness and culturally responsive teaching when integrating play into the setting

This and two other pre-conference institutes are available to conference attendees as an add-on option for $25/institute.  Cost to non-conference attendees is $50.  Pre-registration is required.


The Conference on the VALUE of Play
The Play Conference, as it is commonly known, is an annual educational conference presented by the US Play Coalition. The latest research and practices in the field of play are presented at the conference, which brings together play researchers, park and recreation professionals, educators, health scientists, architects, landscape architects, designers, planners, business and community leaders, psychologists, physicians and parents from across the U.S. and beyond. The three day event includes keynote and featured speakers, round tables on critical issues and trends, research symposium for academics, educational sessions for practitioners, action and research grant opportunities, PLAYtalks and PLAYinstitutes, networking, EPIC play breaks and more.