#WePlay Twitter Chat Series Kicks Off January 22

twitterchat1#WePlayChat is a professional development opportunity from the US Play Coalition for Play Ambassadors, Play Advocates and Play Enthusiasts across the world who are seeking to gain knowledge around play. #WePlayChat also serves as a platform for you to engage and network with other organizations and individuals in a professional setting from the comfort of your own environment. We are bringing the play content to you completely free of charge.

#WePlayChat will be held monthly. Our first chat will be Friday, January 22nd from 2:00-3:00pm EST.

Our first topic will be:

Understanding why we play
1.Why do we think play is so important?
2.Why do we play?
3.What happens if we don’t include play in our daily lives?

Feel free to join the conversation on Twitter with @usplaycoalition and @wellnessrf by using the #WePlayChat on January 22nd. We look forward to connecting, sharing and networking with you as we reboot play in 2016!


Here are tips for how to be a great Twitter Chat participant from crememag.com

1) Do not wait too long to join the conversation. Sometimes we follow a Twitter Chat from afar without daring to integrate into the conversation. But don’t be afraid. Participants in Twitter Chats are often very welcoming, I recommend that you choose a topic that really challenges you to feel more comfortable to participate.

2) Once you have decided to get started, tell your subscribers that a big wave of tweets will be coming their ways because you are joining a Twitter Chat. In general, we do not like to see 20 tweets in a row from the same person, so it is best to prevent Plus, you can also share a trick that allows your users to hide the tweets that contain a particular hashtag.

3) Introduce yourself to the other participants with a short sentence so that other participants know who they’re talking to. Example: Hi, I’m Justine. I am a blogger and I look forward to talking with you! #WePlayChat.

4) When answering a question, do not forget the A1 for answer 1. The number changes depending on the question number (A1 – correspond to Q1). And if you decide to interact with just one person, do not forget the point before the @. This way the tweet will still appear in your feed and others can join the Chat. Unless of course you do not want your subscribers to follow your conversation!

5) Do not forget the hashtag at the end of each of your tweets (#WePlayChat)! This is one of the most important rules. It allows you to be a part of the big conversation. Plus, other participants will find you easily and will be able to read answers to your questions.

6) Respect the community by staying polite and positive in every situation!

7) You want to show that you agree with the tweet of a participant, a RT (retweet!) is simple enough. If you want to add a comment but you do not have space for it, retweet the tweet and answer it after, remembering to put the point before the @.

8) Do not hesitate to ask questions to the host of the Chat if you do not understand a question.

9) The Twitter Chat is not the time for self-promotion and sharing links to your platforms. The objective is to help each other, discuss and exchange while remaining on topic.

10) You will probably receive advices or tips. Consider having a notebook to take notes and to not forget anything that have been said.

11) You want to continue the discussion? Add the people you want to interact with via Twitter. It is also a good way to stay in touch and build relationships.

Have a great Chat ! See you on Friday, January 22 at 2pm EST for our #WePlayChat.