November #WePlayChat: Making Fitness a Playful Pursuit in Education

Join us Wednesday, November 15 at 8:00pm EST (that is noon on Thursday in Melbourne, Australia!!)  as we welcome co-moderator Dale Sidebottom, owner of Energetic Education in Australia for our #WePlayChat on “Making Fitness a Playful Pursuit in Education

Dale Sidebottom has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the physical education world. He is also the owner of ‘Energetic Education’ ( and ‘Bottoms Up Fitness’ (, where he has changed the way play and fitness are conducted in schools around the world. Dale has recently launched a huge new gamified learning platform, aimed at helping classroom teachers increase movement through learning in the classroom ( is also another of Dales businesses where he has created over 35 mobile applications for teachers which can be found at

Q1. What activities do you use to incorporate movement and learning in your teaching?

Q2. What ways do you get students moving in the classroom?

Q3. How can we create classrooms where moving, games and learning all happen together? 

Q4. What does the future of play and physical activity look like in education?

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