Explore “Play, Design and Mental Health” with Play Futurist Yesim Kunter

In a world of commercial toys, how can we design resources that support the mental wellness and health of children?

“Play, Design and Mental Health”
with play futurist Yesim Kunter
Tues, April 13, 11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT

There is a growing need of resources that are playfully dedicated to the wellbeing of children. There is no question that there is a huge decline in children’s mental health. The risks are huge but resources are limited.

By playing we can learn to adapt and gain insights on how we can navigate in certain situations. Therefore it is crucial to be able to create the resources that children can experiment and learn through.

In order to design products that aim to deliver these insights means collaborating with diverse group of experts’ in their fields, understanding children’s inner worlds and translating into a design language.

For example if you are working on a product that will help children to be able to sleep well, you have to understand the literature of sleep, then the cultural differences and what type of colors, forms, textures, sound will be suitable.  Designing resources for Mental Health means understanding the literature and translating into the right design language for that given culture.

In this featured session, Yesim Kunter explores important design principles and shares relevant case studies.

Yesim Kunter is a recognized play expert and a creative strategist, understanding behavior of people to create new experiences and define new opportunities.

Yesim is an independent consultant; developing play experiences for various customers for product development, applying Play Philosophy to spaces, environments, communities, culture creation as well as market research with future scoping. She had been training organizations with diverse backgrounds from kids to professionals for leveraging Creativity and Innovation through Play Workshops.

Yesim worked at leading Industry for 12 years in various countries; such as Toys R Us, Lego and Hasbro. Trained as a toy designer and her passion to unravel the future to identify and define new experiences transformed her carrier to become a play-futurist.

Yesim was brought up in Turkey and lived in New York, Denmark, Billund and now in London, which gave her a multi-cultural perspective that helps her to become a keen observer in human behavior.

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