#WePlayChat on Twitter

#WePlayChat on Twitter

Launched in January 2016, #WePlayChat is the longest running monthly play-related Twitter chat in the world!

WePlayChat is our monthly professional development series on Twitter for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of the wide open field of play.

This FREE professional learning opportunity is a great way to connect with fellow play enthusiasts, teachers, health professionals, artists and play experts from across the globe. Our #WePlayChat participants come from 33 countries, spanning 5 continents – all tuning in to connect around PLAY. #WePlayChat is a platform to engage and network with play organizations and individuals through social media.

Each month we share the voice of play on Twitter through these #WePlayChats. Each month has a different play topic and a co-moderator with expertise in that specific play theme. We have #WePlayChat at different times on different days to get the most involvement across our membership. You will not want to miss them!

Tune in and join the global conversation around the value of play! Find us on Twitter @USPlayCoalition

How can you participate LIVE (in real time)?!

  • When it is time for the chat, login to Twitter with this link to our #WePlayChat feed – twitter.com/hashtag/weplaychat. Follow along by clicking the “Latest” tab across the top. You may want to “refresh” the page occasionally to stay on top of the chat.
  • Feel free to like, reply and retweet. Just be sure to include the hashtag #WePlayChat so your input is part of the feed!

Can I still participate if I am NOT available at the EXACT time of the live chat?!

  • ABSOLUTLEY! If you missed the latest #WePlayChat, don’t fret!!! In the days/weeks after, you can follow the whole thread and still comment, like and RT! Just login to Twitter with this link to our #WePlayChat feed – twitter.com/hashtag/weplaychat and click on “Latest.” Then you just review the chat backwards…or scroll from Q1 to the most recent tweet!
  • Just like in the live chat, feel free to like, reply and retweet. Be sure to include the hashtag #WePlayChat so your input is part of the feed!

Here is a sample of our past #WePlayChat topics:

Inaugural #WePlayChat on “Why We Play”
with US Play Coalition Exec Director Stephanie Garst and Play Ambassador Coordinator Ryan Fahey

“The Joys Of Unstructured Play”
with co-moderator Rae Pica, education consultant and author

“Play to Support Growth & Well Being”
with co-moderator Kimberly Hart of AAAStateofPlay.com

“Inclusive Play”
with co-moderator US Paralympian Jill Moore

“Creating a Healthier Life by Participating in Play”
with co-moderator Darryl Edwards; Creator of the Primal Play Method™
(London, England)

“Play and Millennials”
with co-moderator Dr. Heather Von Bank from Minnesota State University-Mankato

“Recess Is Essential For Developing Young Minds”
with co-moderator Kariann from Voice of Play

“Making Fitness a Playful Pursuit in Education”
with co-moderator Dale Sidebottom, owner of Energetic Education
(Melbourne, Australia)

“How Communities Can Promote Play”
with co-moderator Carly Demanett of the Eugene (Oregon) Civic Alliance

“The Value of Play At All Ages”
with co-moderator Erwin Tan, MD – Director, AARP Thought Leadership ‒ Health

“Adventure Play”
with co-moderator Reilly Bergin Wilson of play:groundNYC

“The Relationship Between Sport and Play”
with co-moderator Mark Cooper, Former Head of Communications for the International Olympic Committee
(Brighton, UK)

“Back to School” #WePlayChat on “The Importance of Recess”
with co-moderator Debbie Rhea of the LIINK Project

“Playful & Paleo”
with co-moderator Ashleigh VanHouten from Paleo Magazine

“Playing Through A Pandemic”
with co-moderator Meghan Talarowski, Studio Ludo

“Play Around the World”
with co-moderator Mathias Poulsen of CounterPlay
(Århus, Denmark)

“Play Based Experiential Learning”
with co-moderator Amowi Phillips, Mmofra Foundation (Accra, Ghana)

“The Growing Need For Equitable Unstructured Play In Schools”
with Eric Saibel and Scott Bedley, co-founders of Global School Play Day