Health & PLAY Consortium

Health & PLAY Consortium

The US Play Coalition is exploring the synergies between play and health. The Health & PLAY Consortium is a team of leading healthcare professionals and researchers from across the country that aims to build momentum in exploring and promoting the VALUE of play as a tool for improving health. Meet our experts below!

The inaugural 2021 Health & PLAY Online Institute (HAPI21) is a webinar series designed and implemented by the consortium team. Each panel presentation examines the synergies between play and health through five distinct pillars.

The second annual Health & PLAY Institute (HAPI22) was recorded live at the 2022 IN PERSON Conference on the Value of Play: THE NATURE OF PLAY. Building on the 2021 inaugural institute, HAPI22 examines the synergies between play and health through the lens of the conference theme, THE NATURE OF PLAY.

Recorded sessions of HAPI 21 and HAPI 22 are available ON DEMAND through August 10, 2022 (with a possible extension planned).

Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA

Chief Physician Officer
Geisinger System Services

Stephanie P. Garst

Executive Director
US Play Coalition